The 2020 Election & What’s Ahead for US Infrastructure: Bloomberg Radio Interview: BAM CEO Seán McCarthy

BAM CEO Seán McCarthy discussed the outlook for U.S. infrastructure finance and the implications for municipal bond investors in an interview with Bloomberg Radio host Carol Massar on November 4, 2020.

Birmingham Airport Sells Bonds that Provide Long-Term Savings

Alabama’s largest airport is selling bonds that will refund existing debt and help reduce its fixed costs over the long term. Learn more about the credit fundamentals of the airport and how air-travel disruptions could impact it in BAM’s latest Credit Insights Video.

Muni New-Issue Backlog Continues to Shrink: June 26, 2020 Weekly Update

Stable yields on high-grade municipals and surging demand across the credit spectrum have allowed issuers and underwriters to work through a substantial number of the transactions that were moved to the “day-to-day” calendar in March and April. BAM again insured more than $300 million of new issues, including several significant…

Clarence Anthony Gets REAL: Leveraging Data to Achieve Equity in the Budget Process

National League of Cities CEO Clarence Anthony discusses the NLC’s Race, Equity, and Leadership (REAL) initiative, which was launched to help local leaders respond to racial inequities in their communities, and highlights how cities’ budget decisions can be important drivers in building more just communities.

Clarence Anthony Gets REAL: COVID-19 and the Cities are Essential Campaign

National League of Cities CEO Clarence Anthony discusses how his members — elected officials representing more than 19,000 communities nationwide — are grappling with the budgetary and community challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, and how NLC’s Cities are Essential campaign is designed to help.

How a California School District is Providing Workforce Housing … and Solid Investments

The Jefferson Union High School District is borrowing $40 million to finance a new, 122-unit apartment complex for its teachers and other staff, but the structure of the deal protects investors from the project’s startup risks. Learn more about the security for the COPs in BAM’s latest Credit Insights Video.

July 10 Muni Market Update: Post-Holiday Volume Increase

New-issue municipal bonds returned to the market after a holiday hiatus, and investor support for the primary market remained strong, keeping yields stable at low levels. Retail investors again contributed more than $1 billion to municipal bond mutual funds.

Muni Bonds: 2H 2020 Outlook: BAM CEO Seán McCarthy on Asset TV

Build America Mutual CEO Seán McCarthy was interviewed by Asset TV anchor Jenna Dagenhart last week to provide an update on BAM’s first-half performance and to share his outlook for the rest of 2020. He discussed the drivers behind the surge in demand for insured municipal bonds in both the…