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Primary Market

Primary Market

Primary Market Overview

Deep credit analysis by an experienced team of market experts is at the core of how BAM executes its mission. BAM Credit Insights provide an opportunity to share that expertise with the rest of the market. Credit Insights Videos explain the analysis of new issues that BAM is insuring, and Credit Insights Special Reports are white papers that address broad issues facing the market, like pension finance.

At the individual transaction level, BAM Credit Profiles provide standardized, three-page summaries of the key funadamental, financial and demographic information that determines the underlying credit quality of every BAM-insured transaction. Through these outreach efforts and the weekly disclosure of every insured transaction, BAM is setting a new standard for transparency in the municipal market. For more information about our approach to credit and transparency, email us at

BAM limits its insurance to state and local obligations, utility revenue bonds, transportation revenue secured bonds, public university revenue bonds and special assessment, tax increment and tax allocations bonds, that meet its investment grade underwriting standards and fit within its single risk and aggregate risk guidelines. BAM also imposes limits on aggregate exposures to geographic areas, particularly those subject to risks from hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. (See underwriting standards and market scope.)

Insured Primary Market Par:
$136.4 billion
Insured Primary Market Transactions: