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BAM-insured bonds are available in the municipal primary and secondary markets. Secondary policies are also available to add BAM’s guaranty to bonds you already own or are considering for purchase.

Investors and other market professionals can also view BAM’s pre-approved credits via Bloomberg‘s ALLQ page, and Investortools’ Perform portfolio management system.

BAM Credit Profiles available on every BAM-insured bond

BAM publishes a Credit Profile for every issue we insure, and updated the information annual. BAM Credit Profiles include demographic and economic data about the issuer; gross par insured by CUSIP, maturity and coupon; sector designation (e.g., general obligation, sales tax); and a summary of financial information with key ratios.

BAM Credit Profiles are valuable in streamlining investor surveillance processes and giving investors and addressing regulatory disclosure requirements, and are made available for free as a service to the market.