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America is once again making massive investments to modernize our essential infrastructure … creating new opportunities and building a stronger, more prosperous tomorrow.

At Build America Mutual we work with our member-issuers to maximize the safety and stability of U.S. municipal bond investments that help make it happen — to build a brighter future for American communities and investors’ portfolios.

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United We Build Protection

BAM-insured municipal bonds protect investors with durable ratings and an irrevocable promise to pay principal and interest when due. BAM is rated AA with a Stable outlook by S&P Global Ratings and every bond we insure carries that rating. Municipal bond insurance covers anything that could interrupt payments, from short-term administrative errors and disruptions from hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods to longer-term financial challenges like pension risks and economic downturns. We guarantee the timely payment of the bonds we insure, backed by more than $1 billion in claims-paying resources.

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United We Build Stability

Tax-free bonds finance nearly three-quarters of all public infrastructure in the U.S., from roads and schools to airports and power plants. Municipal bond issuers are investing in the future, and the investors who support them benefit with tax-free income from an asset class with low volatility and risk of default. That’s why the National League of Cities selected BAM as the preferred provider of bond insurance for its 19,000 member cities and towns nationwide.

United We Build Sustainability

The BAM GreenStar program is the only green bond verification designed exclusively for municipal bonds. BAM GreenStar bonds finance sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure, renewable energy, and energy efficient buildings, and meet the requirements of the International Capital Market Association’s Green Bond Principles. Learn more about BAM GreenStar bonds.Sign up for BAM’s Weekly Update Newsletter for the latest information on the market and a list of all upcoming BAM-insured bond sales.

United We Build a More Modern America

BAM is the market leader for innovation, and BAM and its members are committed to the highest standard of financial transparency: That’s why we publish BAM Credit Profiles: free, standardized financial summaries of every credit we insure, updated annually. Users can search our database of more than 7,000 reports and subscribe to receive updates on the bonds you choose delivered straight to your inbox.

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