January 4, 2018

BAM 2017 Year in Review

As BAM wraps up its fifth full year of operations, BAM Co-Founders Bob Cochran and Sean McCarthy wrote to thank the issuers, investors, underwriters, and municipal advisors who have helped prove the value that BAM’s focused, municipal-only, AA/Stable-rated guaranty provides to issuers and investors.

BAM posted another strong year in 2017, insuring more than $9 billion par across 713 new-issue insured transactions, and generating more than $130 million in present-value savings. In the secondary market, BAM wrapped $800 million in 2017, and total par insured since inception now totals more than $45 billion for more than 2,800 member-issuers. That wide distribution supports active secondary-market trading and price discovery for BAM-insured paper, with more than $500 million trading in a typical week.

Click through to the PDF below for more information about BAM’s 2017 results.