October 31, 2018

Bloomberg Radio Covers Munis In Live Broadcast from BAM’s Headquarters

Bloomberg Radio hosts Lisa Abramowicz and Pimm Fox took their “P&L Show” on the road for a live broadcast from Build America Mutual’s New York City offices on October 23rd. Topics discussed during the two-hour broadcast included the outlook for US infrastructure investment, the emerging market for municipal Green Bonds and the BAM GreenStar Assessment, and how equity market volatility can impact the demand for and credit quality of municipal bonds.

The interviews are now available as podcasts and linked below:

BAM CEO Seán McCarthy and Chairman Bob Cochran discuss the outlook for infrastructure investment and how BAM insurance benefits bond issuers:

Pat McCoy, Finance Director for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, discusses the agency’s future capital spending and the benefits it has seen from selling Green Bonds:

Andrew Whiley from the Climate Bonds Initiative discusses the global outlook for Green Bond issuance and why CBI anticipates an increase in U.S. municipal Green Bond sales

Mike Stanton, BAM Head of Strategy and Communications, discusses how smaller U.S. issuers can benefit from selling Green Bonds, and how equity market volatility may drive additional retail demand for munis