In addition to providing the greatest added value to the municipal market, we are committed to enhance our guaranty by acting with integrity and by complying with all laws and regulation that govern our business.

Corporate By-Laws

These documents address general matters related to BAM’s governance, including membership as it applies to BAM’s status as a mutual insurance corporation and provisions regarding voting rights.

Code of Conduct
All employees are familiar with and required to follow the ethical and professional standards detailed in the Code of Conduct.

Investment Guidelines
Approved by the Board, the Investment Guidelines outline Build America Mutual’s strategy and philosophy and specify what specific investments are permitted.


Policyholders, employees, agents, consultants, vendors or service providers, outside counsel, customers, members or any other interested parties wanting to contact the Board, the non-management or independent directors, the Chairman of the Board, the Chairman of any Board Committee or any other director may send an e-mail to info@buildamerica.com. The Chairman of the Nominating and Governance Committee or the General Counsel will receive the e-mail and determine who the appropriate party is to address the inquiry.