Press Releases

2017-06-30 BAM, White Mountains Announce Agreement That Will Accelerate BAM’s Long-Term Capital Growth
2017-06-26 S&P Global Ratings Affirms BAM’s AA Rating and Stable Outlook
2017-06-06 BAM Responds to S&P Global Ratings CreditWatch Action
2017-05-12 BAM Reports Record Quarter for Claims Paying Resources and Statutory Comprehensive Income
2017-04-07 MMD Adds BAM-Guaranteed Bonds to Insured Yield Curve
2017-02-10 BAM Reports Full Year and Q4 2016 Statutory Financial Results
2017-01-19 PFM's John White Joins BAM's Board of Directors
2017-01-03 "Building America ... On a Strong Foundation:" BAM's 2016 Year-End Review
2016-11-03 BAM Reports Third Quarter 2016 Statutory Financial Results
2016-09-07 Richard Ravitch Leaves Build America Mutual Board of Directors
2016-08-12 BAM Reports Second Quarter 2016 Statutory Financial Results
2016-07-29 S&P Global Ratings Affirms BAM's AA / Stable Rating
2016-07-21 City, County Leaders: U.S. Infrastructure Policy Must Protect Tax-Exempt Bonds, Enhance Long- Term Funding
2016-06-20 BAM Secondary Market Insurance Quotes Now Available on Bloomberg
2016-03-22 Sollers to Join Build America Mutual to Head West Region Public Finance
2016-02-22 Munibrokers.com Adds Build America Mutual Insurance Quotes to its Municipal Bond Listings
2016-02-19 BAM Reports Full Year 2015 Statutory Financial Results
2015-12-14 "THE NEW MUTUAL MODEL:" Best's Review Magazine Profiles BAM in its Issue on Innovation
2015-11-13 BAM Reports Third Quarter 2015 Statutory Financial Results
2015-06-30 Standard & Poor's Affirms BAM's AA/Stable Financial Strength Rating
2015-06-30 BAM Reports Second Quarter 2015 Statutory Financial Results
2015-06-01 Lumesis and Build America Mutual Team to Improve Access to Muni Bond Information
2015-02-15 White Mountains Earnings Highlight BAM's Growing Claims-Paying Resources
2014-11-14 BAM Releases Third Quarter 2014 Statutory Financial Statements
2014-10-27 Daniel Keating Joins BAM as Senior Managing Director, Municipal Markets
2014-08-15 BAM Releases Second Quarter 2014 Statutory Financial Statements
2014-08-01 Standard & Poor's Affirms BAM's AA/Stable Financial Strength Rating
2014-05-13 BAM Reports Claims-paying Resources Climb to $583 Million in First-Quarter 2014
2014-02-21 BAM Releases 2013 Statutory Financial Statements and Fourth Quarter 2013 Operating Supplement
2014-02-07 BAM Has No Exposure to Puerto Rico. Here's why
2013-12-10 BAM Offers Secondary Municipal Bond Insurance on TMC Bonds
2013-10-18 BAM Hires Michael Stanton as Head of Strategy and Communications
2013-09-27 BAM Announces Licensing in the State of Florida
2013-08-13 STANDARD & POOR'S Analysis of BAM
2013-07-17 BAM's Les Richmond Comments on Pension and Opeb Conundrum in the Bond Buyer
2013-04-12 BAM Announces New Hires and Promotions
2013-04-03 First Quarter 2013 U.S. Public Finance New Issue Volume
2013-03-13 Jill Schmidt Joins Build America Mutual as Vice President, Public Finance, East Region
2013-01-30 Build America Mutual Licensed to Operate in State of California
2013-01-24 BAM Joins SIFMA
2013-01-07 BAM Enters Secondary Market and Hires Hans Hanf as Head of Municipal Markets
2012-11-26 BAM Announces Expansion of State Licensing
2012-09-27 BAM Announces First Insured Transaction — York Suburban School District
2012-09-04 Statement from BAM Re: Acceptance to NAIC REACAP PROJECT for Nationwide Licensing
2012-07-30 BAM Joins the Board Dealers of America
2012-07-30 STANDARD & POOR'S Rating Announcement
2012-07-30 MMA Weekly Outlook Report on BAM
2012-07-23 Governor Cuomo Announces Licensing of Build America Mutual
2012-07-23 BAM Launch Announcement


Michael Stanton
Head of Strategy and Communications